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Days: Tuesday 26th Feb to Tues 2nd April

Times : 4.15 - 5.15pm

Ages : 5 - 9yrs

Location: Friends Meeting House, Lewes

Cost: £75.00 (6 weeks at £12.50 per class)

Neil Giles 1.jpg

copyright Neil Giles

Join ArtStart in February for our "Favourite Things" workshop with artist Kirsten Norbury

Week 1 – “Elastic band sketchbooks”

Working in small groups we will experiment with various mark making techniques on our rolls of paper. Using different mediums such as wax relief and watercolour washes we will experiment with scraps of packaging, paint with feathers and foam rollers. We will then cut down our A1 sheets to create our sketchbook pages to use as the basis for our projects going forward. These books are really easy for all ages to make, and can be personalised in terms of their covers and the paper types inside them. You can take them apart and add pages to them at a later date.


Week 2 – “Woodland Creatures” - Create your own woodland creatures referencing the work of illustrator Helen Youngs. In this class we will explore the mark making techniques of Helen Young to create a selection of different papers for collaging our squirrels, foxes and other woodland creatures. Children will experiment with sponge rollers, acrylic paint, stamps and sgraffito techniques (oil pastel, scraped into on paper).


Week 3 - "Spring flowers" pen and ink with watercolour wash responding to Angie Lewin. We will work from the beautiful gardens at Friends Meeting House and sketch from the flowers therein. Then focus on areas to and enlarge to create a large scale painting.


Week 4 - "All at Sea"

Inspired by the work of Artist Neil Giles we will create line drawings on A3 cartridge

of a simple boat scene. Discussing line and colour and how it can be used to create a warm or a cool picture. We will then translate our drawings onto scraperboard to create an etched picture.


Weeks 5 & 6 “Where the Wild Things Are” drawing Soft Toys Inspired by Maurice Sendak – (2 week project)

Exploring the illustration’s of Maurice Sendak from Where the Wild Things Are. In particular the session looks at the kinds of marks Maurice made to create a sense of adventure, and prepares the ground for the exploration to come, which will evolve into sculpting our creature in papier mache.

On this course you will learn about:-

-  Various artists and how they depicted their subject through colour

-  Expressive mark making with a range of materials

-  Drawing from observation
-  Colour mixing and paint textures
-  How to apply colour
-  Drawing and painting on a large scale

Course Dates:-

  • Tuesday 26th Feb

  • Tuesday 5th March

  • Tuesday 12th March

  • Tuesday 19th March

  • Tuesday 26th March

  • Tuesday 2nd April


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