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'Awesome Art Icons'
Sonia Delaunay,
Andy Warhol
and Alexander Calder

Starts: Tues 25th Feb - Tues 31st March

Times : 3.45 - 4.45pm

Ages : 5 - 10yrs

Location: 98 High Street Lewes Basement rooms, access from Keere St

Cost: £75 (6 weeks at £12.50 per class)

Sonia Delaunay art.png
Andy Warhol Pop Art T-shirts.png
CAlder main image 2.png
Sonia fashion great.png

Explore Iconic paintings, prints and sculpture in this first in a series of after school art courses
referencing 20th Century artists

Week 1 – Sonia Delaunay

In the first lesson we will be referencing the abstract, colourful, geometric work of Sonia Delaunay the founder of the Orphism art movement. We will create an abstract artwork out of various found geometric shaped objects that can be used to draw around. Children are welcome to bring in shapes they’d like to use to create their artwork. We will learn about the colour wheel warm and cool colours before composing our palette’s.

Week 2 – What is pattern?

We will learn what a pattern is and how nature influences pattern. We will have a selection of objects we have found to draw from and magnify to find patterns that we can abstract and repeat.

Week 3 – Patterns into T-shirts

In our final week on Delaunay we will work up our ideas into final images, paint them on sugar paper to transfer onto T-shirts (provided) to take home.

Week 4  - Alexander Calder Easter sculptures

In this 2 week project we will look at the work of the great Alexander Calder and make our own kinetic sculptures themed around Easter out of weighted objects and wire

Week 5 – Alexander Calder (complete our sculptures)

In this final week of the project we will construct our kinetic sculptures to take home.

Week 6 – Pop Art printed Easter Cards

Looking at the work of Pop Art Icon Andy Warhol in this lesson we will design and block print our Easter cards.

From images and inspiration supplied.


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