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  • Offers a chance to experiment and take an idea further

  • Printmaking has an element of unpredictability allowing a student to work more freely.

  • Printmaking is fun and there are so many different techniques with or without a printing press.

  • Its fascinating and will become an obsession!

Drypoint etching

Students will learn how to transfer their line drawings into unique art prints.  Drypoint is the simplest and most direct form of intaglio fine art printmaking.  It lends itself to drawing and mark making. We will learn how to ink up and print the prepared drypoint plates, using oil-based inks and a small etching press.  


Lino printing

Taking our inspiration from a number of design sources, including the Bloomsbury Group and contemporary printmakers Mark Hearld and Angie Lewin, we will explore patterns through mark-making, with a mixed media approach using chine colle papers. The composition will be developed working from your chosen images. This is the perfect introduction to the process, with a particular focus on how you may continue developing  your skills at home.



Gelli printing

A Gelli plate is a reusable gelatin-like printing plate that allows you to create a textured print on paper (or fabric) using stencils, stamps, leaves, or just ink. It's easy to pick up and highly addictive! You can
produce a coloured textured prints such as the woodland scene pictured here.



Collagraph printing

Collagraphs are made by collaging and cutting different textures on a thin board base. Almost any material with texture can be collaged, including embossed wallpaper, paint, hessian and leaves. The plate is then inked and printed using the same technique as etching.

They can also be printed as a blind emboss or as a relief print. As with the other courses the materials we'll use are readily available and affordable and ideas can be developed at home.

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