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Kids Craft Activity - Learn to weave with this gorgeous colourful llama

(and all you need is cardboard, scissors, coloured pens and wool! so lets get going!)

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Colourful Llama kids craft activity

Draw the llama onto your card in pencil
Draw your llama


Draw out your llama on a piece of card. We used a cardboard envelope from the recycling, be sure its single ply but reasonably thick.

Cutting slots for the warp thread
Cutting slots for the warp thread


Now cut out the llama and mark with pencil where the warp will go. Do this by making 8 or 10 pencil marks on the top and bottom of the llama's middle (see diagram).

Tying off the thread at the back of your weave
Tying off the thread at the back of your weave
Llama card with warp thread ready to weave
Your llama weave card with its warp thread


Now thread the wool in the first and last slots and tie. Snip off any loose ends.

tassle, weaving, wool, llama
How to add a tassle to your weaving


Then wrap the wool around until it looks like the diagram and tie the end to the knot you already made at the back.

How to begin your weave
How to begin your weaving


Make the tassles by measuring approximately 6 x 10cm pieces of wool then place them over 2 strands of warp and feed through the middle. Pull to the bottom of the weave.


Make sure you do all your tassles now before starting to weave or you may run out of room.

You can use a tapestry needle or a needle
How to weave your llama's blanket


Now start your weave. Simple tuck the end of your wool through the warp (see the picture) and start weaving. If you'd like to change to another colour, just cut and tuck the end of this wool in and start with the new wool, tucking the end in and weaving.


Once you have woven all the colours you want and you can't fit any more in. Cut the wool leaving about an inch of wool and again tuck it into the warp. You can push the weave down so there's no gaps.

That's it you're done!

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