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Crafts with kids - colourful rope rainbow hanging

Who doesn't love a rainbow? A symbol of hope and unity in these difficult times.

Over the past few weeks rainbows have been popping up everywhere in people's windows, the simple intent is to make others smile.

Sadly paper rainbows curl and fade over time. So the team at ArtStart have come up with an alternative rainbow for now and forever more : )

This activity is suitable for mums and kids to do together. The rope cutting and wire "stitching" at the end we recommend mum or dad do, unless you are particularly nimble fingered!

Materials required:-

Wool - here we've done a 5 tier rainbow and have chosen 5 different wools. You can use raffia, string, wool or material torn into strips and make as many tiers as you like and repeat colours too.

Wire - picture hanging wire, copper wire or any kind of wire that's easy to bend and that you can cut with scissors. Oh yes, scissors they need to be sharp and strong.

Rope - We used hessian rope approximately 6mm thick. I preferred the cotton rope but tbh it was a bit pricey! If you've no rope at home you can buy some at Screwfix this one will make you many rainbows! - here's the link.


Step 1

Measure the outer rope first as this will be the longest of all of the rainbow tiers. Then mark it with a pen and cut it with a good pair of scissors.

Step 2

Choose the colour for the outer tier and tie it to the rope leaving approximately an inch of rope exposed.

Step 3

Then start wrapping the rope with the wool. Here to save time we're quadrupled our wool so it wraps quicker!

Step 4

Tie off the wool (about an inch from the end of the rope) by inserting your thumb between the wool and the rope and doing one last wrap, then feed the end through the loop left by your thumb and pull tight.

Step 5

Measure your next piece of rope by placing against the inside of the previous (wool wrapped) rope leaving a little extra that you can trim off at the end if you need to. Then wrap it with your next chosen colour.

Step 6

Once you have wrapped all your rope tiers. Take the smallest one and a longish piece of wire (18" approx) and wrap the end around one end of the rope a few times.

Step 7

Then take the next size up from the smallest and "weave" the wire in and out of the two ropes - about an inch apart and keep pulling it tight, this holds the ropes together. I found it easier to wire the tiers together in 2 sets - ie 2 ropes and then the other 3 ropes. Then "sew" the ropes together by "stitching' wire between the gaps of the 2 adjoining sets. Your wire should be stiff enough to do this without

needing a needle.

Step 8

Lastly, make a hanging device by creating a closed circle of wire - neaten any loose ends by twisting them as seen in the picture. Feed a loop of the wire (about halfway down) from the back of the rainbow to the front and take it round one tier and feed the loop to the back again. Make sure you still have the other half of the loop at the back to feed the returning loop through. Pull tight and its ready to hang!

Step 9

Stand back and feel proud!

Please share your creations using the hashtag #artstartrainbow and we'll feature them on our instagram page @artstart_artclubs

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