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Exploring colour course 

A practical and theoretical colour course for beginners and improvers

In this course we will explore the fascinating world of colour and how to use it to create beautiful

and impactful works.


This course for artists of all levels who want to learn the foundation to colour theory. This course will help you develop a better sense of aesthetics, by knowing how colours work together. You will be able to mix the colours you want by fully understanding warm and cool colours, the colour wheel, hue, value and saturation and how to create harmonious paintings.


On this course we will cover everything from colour theory and mixing, to harmonious colour schemes and colour psychology. By the end of the course you will have a much deeper understanding of the power of colour and the confidence to use it.

What you will learn:-

Week 1 - Introduction to colour theory

In our first week, we will cover the basic principles of colour theory.

Including the colour wheel, hue, value saturation. Complimentary colours, 

and what paints you should be buying for different palettes and subjects.


Week 2 - Colour mixing


In our second week we will look at colour mixing in more detail. What is the difference between tint, tone

and shade, and the importance of understanding values and temperature. We’ll also look at mixing with warm and cool greys to create depth.


Week 3 - Colour harmony


How to create a pleasing colour palette, by understanding the concept of colour harmony.

Looking at monochromatic, analogous and triadic colour schemes and how artists such as Monet and Seurat used techniques to explain different light conditions in their work.


Week 4 -  Colour psychology

In this lesson we will look at colour psychology and how colour makes us feel. How certain colours

can affect mood and convey a message in your work.



Weds 26th April, Weds 3rd May, Weds 10th May, Weds 17th May.

Time and location

The classes will run from 7.30 - 9.30pm at Studio 14, Star Brewery, BN7 3BX.


This 4 week course is £150.


Please bring along your paints, oil or acrylics. An A3 sketchbook or art pad and your brushes.


What will I achieve? 

By the end of the 4 weeks you will be able to relate colour theory to your artistic practice with a thorough understanding of the colour wheel and the relationships therein. Enabling you to mix colour with confidence and truly 'see' rather than perceive the colours around you.

How will I be taught?

Through presentation, discussion and exercises, you will learn what colours you like, how colours affect each other and how light affects colour. 

You will leave the course with colour mixing references such as charts and colour/value wheels as well as colour studies culminating in a final still life study.

Who is this course for?

This course is for any level of artist, who wants to learn the foundation to colour theory. Many students, even art students, have only a rudimentary understanding of colour theory. Expect your perception of colour to be challenged and awakened.

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