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Oil Painting (single portrait*)
8 x 11 inches  = £350

16 x 20 inches = £500
20 x 24 inches = £600
23 x 33 inches = £750

*Group portraits start at £850 for a 23 x 33 inch painting

This is a rough fee-guide for a single portrait. Travel & expenses and framing are not included. A group/family portrait and non-standard sizes start at £850 dependent on size - please ask for a quote for a larger canvas size.

Method of working
I would initially meet with you to talk through the portrait and any props or specific location you might like and then take photos. A family group is much more involved with several people to be placed and a composition worked out so prices start at £850.

I look for unusual angles and light in my work, I am excited by the tones and colours in the shadows cast on skin. I work from photographs and from life. I often add in elements that I feel will enhance the painting as I am working out the composition - such as plants or pets - but not before agreeing it with you.

Painting Technique
I paint in oil paint, working with large brushes with a mixture of drawing and loose expressive, gestural paint strokes. I keep my palette fresh by cleaning my brushes often and separating colours using several different brushes. This gives the colour in my work a radiant, intensity.

Agreeing the commission
A letter of agreement is useful for establishing expectations and for preventing problems due to misunderstandings. I would give you a sketch of the layout initially, once approved I would commence the painting, this would take 3 - 4 weeks to complete, dependent on workload. So please bare this in mind for presents.

Deposit and Payment
I would take a 25% deposit before starting work and the rest on completion. Three staged payments can be made for larger works if required.

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