About the artist
Kirsten Norbury

I grew up in North Wales to a family of printers. From an early age I loved the smell of inks in my father’s print works. After completing my Art Foundation at Camberwell, I studied for a BA in Fine Art at Leeds Beckett University. As part of my degree show I combined huge six-foot woodcuts with screen prints, relishing the sculptural quality of the carved woodcut print next to the graphic quality of screenprint.


In more recent years I've concentrated more on portrait painting in oils. I prefer to work on quite a large scale as it lends itself to expressive brush work and I feel more absorbed in the painting. Using large brushes on a large canvas I can 'sculpt' the figure in line and tone. 


The process of working on a commission is an initial meet and chat to find out more about the sitter, its important to me to get to know each other ahead of the painting. Once the location of the portrait is agreed, I then consider how I am going to compose the sitter and in what situation. I spend a while taking photos to realise an interesting, dynamic composition, I'm drawn to angles and an unusual perspective and like to convey a story in my work. I draw out several 'thumbnail sketches' before starting on the canvas - this initial process can sometimes take several days. I work with a vibrant palette and expressive painterly strokes to achieve a dynamic painting.


Contact Kirsten if you are interested in commissioning a work, buying an existing piece or booking a lesson.. For more art inspiration follow me on Instagram

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If you are interested in lessons or have an enquiry about my work please do get in touch.